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Stephanie Froehner

The Work Louder × Figma Micro Keyboard

I impulse purchased this from the Figma store. It was a fun intro to the world of custom keyboards.

Keyboard out of the box, resting on the box’s lid

I was brand new to custom keyboards and their setup was easy! Great little afternoon activity.

Getting Started

Close up of a small tag with a QR code

  • The little QuickStart QR code with no visible URL was odd - I scanned it on my phone… but my keyboard is connected to my computer (and the website needs to connect to the device). I just typed the URL that opened into my browser.
  • Once I got it open on my computer, the guide was helpful, but being new to custom keyboards, I wish there was an even simpler guide for absolute beginners. I had to Google how to get the keycaps off.
  • When I reached out to their support, they told me to I could get the tool to remove the caps for cheap off of Amazon. Seems like a wasted brand moment to me - could have provided a cute Work Louder keycap puller. (Thankfully my partner had one that came with one of his keyboards)

Programming and Personalization

Keys scattered around the keyboard

  • Programming the keys was super fun - the intro video on the quick start page was great.
  • I had to take a leap of faith with Shift+Command, but it worked the first time, so maybe I was over-thinking it.
  • The lighting selection dropdown UI is a little clunky, but once I chose one I liked, it’s perfect.
  • It’s SO cute. I love the little happy face to switch between “layers” on the keyboard. I like that it’s not overly designed - still plenty of room to personalize it.

Improving the onboarding experience

Since this was a collab, it introduced new users (me) to kind of a nerdy little product. A few small tweaks to the onboarding experience could have made this flawless:

  • Include a little cheatsheet of the Figma shortcuts associated with the included keycaps - I had to Google them.
  • I wasn’t sure how I wanted to lay my keyboard out - I used a grid post-it to draw. They could have linked to a FigJam board to help plan it out! Their starter setup was decent though.
  • Include the keycap tool, and make it Work Louder × Figma branded!

Get yours here