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Stephanie Froehner

WellCast Youtube Channel for Teens

WellCast was a twice-a-week animated show that explored the physical, mental and emotional paths to wellness.


The show began as journaling exercises based on wellness trends, but quickly grew into a show for anxious youngsters unsure about growing up.

WellCast thrived on our connection with the audience; YouTube users are very vocal about what they like (or don’t like), so we tailored our content to our beloved ‘WellCasters’ requests.

I was involved in content strategy, which needed to balance the business goals of virality and low production costs, with the viewer’s needs (while utilizing YouTube’s various features, like annotations).

I interacted with our audience through YouTube comments, emails and social media. I worked with the show’s writer and director to plan episodes, balance the channel’s point of view, and further push audience development.

Screenshot of a comment that says: I'm literally at a party right now watching this!

My visual design roles in this project include designing thumbnails for each YouTube video (taking into account the various device and viewport sizes of YouTube), creating and maintaining the website, so viewers could download the .pdf content, and creating assets for the social media accounts.

The tumblr page

A message to our Wellcasters

I still get emails and DMs from folks around the world asking about this show. If you’re a Wellcaster reading this, thank you for your support! We’re so grateful to have found you. Unfortunately, the creative team behind the show do not own or manage the YouTube channel and we will not be coming back to it. We’ll never forget how much fun we had making a show for you though!

  • Date: 2013
  • Role: Content strategy and production designer
  • Company: Mahalo